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One is for witch, two is for bitch...


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Britney Spears - tour outfits

Britney photographed by Mary Ellen Matthews, 2003


via #cwonder


Let’s go bak to the 90s.

Zydrate comes in a little glass vial♥
I'm Dinah. 28. married to my cool hubby and puppy mommy to Charlie. Housewife and self employed baker. A few things you should know about me:

*I dye my hair more than I change my socks

*I hate shoes, chocolate, and make up but I dive head over feet in love with handbags

*My hero since the day I was born is Hulk Hogan (No judgies please)

*The Beatles are my absolute fave band on the planet

*Most people listen to music when they clean or in their spare time. I watch Unsolved Mysteries segments. I have more episodes on my iPad than I have music.

*Speaking of music I literally like everything

*I'm a proud Gleek

*John Cena is the sexiest celebrity I have ever seen

*HUGE fan of Care Bears, Britney Spears, Golden Girls, Dr. Seuss, Marilyn Monroe, Wicked (pretty much any musical), & Wizard of Oz.

*Witches fascinate me

*Repo! the Genetic Opera, The Devil's Carnival, and Terrance Z'Dunich are amazing

*Big lover of Christmas and Halloween

*Michael Myers is my fave serial killer

*I spend almost all my $$$ at Bath and Body Works

*My nephew is the coolest kiddo ever and he has me wrapped around his finger.

*I'd rather watch a horror movie than any other genre

*My friends and family are the best

*I have this weird thing with the number "9". Ask me about it sometime ;].

*I'm highly allergic to most things and sadly can never get a tattoo but I enjoy getting pierced and the piercings I do have

*I'll always cheer on the villians more than the heroes.

*Trashy tv is always a fave

*Not into heavy liqour but love a good glass of wine...or two

*I'm a fighter for who and what I love

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